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Betty Easley MS,RDN, LD

Am I Hungry? Licensee


Betty Easley MS,RDN, LD

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Mailing Address:

PO Box 86
Pea Ridge, Arkansas
United States 72751

About Betty:

People, especially women, can be so hard on themselves when they fail at dieting, while it is actually the diet that failed, not you. As a registered dietitian, I unfortunately “put” people on low calorie diets, only to see them fail time after time. Eventually, I came to the realization that there had to be a better way! I began to practice in a “non-diet” way by including mindfulness, self-care, balance, variety and moderation. An individualized approach to making step-by-step lifestyle changes is key to making new habits that last. My decades of experience in diabetes management, weight issues, family nutrition, and heart health enhance the Mindful Eating programs for which I am licensed: Am I Hungry? ®, Am I Hungry? for Diabetes, for Bariatric Surgery, for Students and Coaching. I am excited to offer these programs in Northwest Arkansas.

Program Activity

Past Programs that have already taken place.

Program Name and Dates


Winter 2018-19 WLFC

From 12/13/2018 to 02/07/2019

Bentonville, AR

8 week Am I Hungry? course in NWA

Winter 2016 Bentonville Community Center

From 01/04/2016 to 02/29/2016

Bentonville, AR Community Center

Resolve to become more mindful about your eating, physical activity, and self-care. Attend the 8 week workshop “Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Spirit—and NEVER Diet Again” for participants in NW AR.

Winter 2022 Room 161 AIH 8 week program

From 01/17/2022 to 03/14/2022

Pea Ridge, AR

New participants

Elm Springs United Methodist Church

From 02/24/2014 to 04/21/2014

Elm Springs United Methodist Church, Elm Springs, AR

8 weekly Mindful Eating Workshops to cover the basics of the Am I Hungry? program.

Winter 2019 Room 161 8 week bariatric program

From 03/06/2019 to 04/24/2019

Pea Ridge, AR

8-week course for Am I Hungry-Bariatric Surgery participant in Pea Ridge, AR.

Am I Hungry?

From 03/20/2018 to 05/08/2018

Pea Ridge, AR

8-weekly workshops on Mindful Eating.

Adult Wellness Center

From 03/22/2014 to 05/17/2014

Adult Wellness Center, Rogers, AR

8 weekly Mindful Eating Workshops to cover the basics of the Am I Hungry? program

Spring 2019

From 04/12/2019 to 05/30/2019

Pea Ridge, AR

8 week Am I Hungry?

AWC Summer 2015 Am I Hungry-Diabetes

From 05/20/2015 to 07/01/2015

Adult Wellness Center, Rogers, AR

A six-week Am I Hungry? course for Rogers Adult Wellness Center members with pre-diabetes or diabetes to learn a mindful approach to diabetes self management.

Summer 2013 STEPS Sault, MI

From 05/08/2013 to 07/03/2013

Sault, MI

An 8-week Am I Hungry? program for women.

Summer 2020 6 week Diabetes Program

From 05/30/2020 to 07/11/2020

Pea Ridge, AR

6 week Am I Hungry for Diabetes program

Summer 2013 Church Sault ON

From 05/27/2013 to 07/29/2013

Sault, ON

An 8-week Am I Hungry? in Sault, ON

Summer 2020 8 week AIH program

From 06/15/2020 to 08/10/2020

Pea Ridge, AR

8 week AIH closed group


From 09/15/2014 to 11/03/2014

Elm Springs United Methodist Church, Elm Springs, AR

8-week mindful eating program

Fall 2013 WMH

From 09/18/2013 to 12/04/2013

War Memorial Hospital, 500 Osborn, Sault Ste Marie, MI

8 sessions of Am I Hungry? for new participants in the Sault, MI area.

Fall 2015 Adult Wellness Center 8 week Program

From 09/18/2015 to 12/04/2015

Adult Wellness Center, Rogers, AR

Am I Hungry? is an 8 week Mindful Eating program that will change the way you think about why, what and how you eat.


From 05/31/2013 to 12/19/2013

Petoskey, MI

Eight monthly one-hour sessions for Am I Hungry?

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