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Ms. Rebecca Johnson , MS, Wellcoaches Certified Heath and Wellness Coach

Am I Hungry? Licensee


Ms. Rebecca Johnson , MS, Wellcoaches Certified Heath and Wellness Coach
Am I Hungry?, PLLC

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Mailing Address:

Seminole, Florida
United States 33776

Program Activity

Past Programs that have already taken place.

Program Name and Dates


BCBSF Employee Group Jan 2012

From 01/17/2012 to 03/06/2012

Tampa, FL

Closed group. Only for BCBSF employees.

Pasco County Schools Feb 2012

From 02/03/2012 to 03/23/2012

Pasco County

For Pasco County School Employees Only

Metropolitan Council Spring 2021

From 02/04/2021 to 03/25/2021


Am I Hungry? 8 Week Workshop for City of Venice Employees

From 02/24/2011 to 04/14/2011

Private group for City of Venice employees

Iowa State University_Feb 2020_Rebecca Johnson

From 02/20/2020 to 04/16/2020

Webinar via Zoom

Closed program. ISU Employees Only.

ISU March 2021_Tuesday with Rebecca

From 03/02/2021 to 04/20/2021


This closed program is for registered ISU employees only.

ISU March 2021_Thursday with Rebecca

From 03/04/2021 to 04/22/2021


This closed program is for ISU employees only.

Metropolitan Council Spring 2022

From 03/01/2022 to 04/28/2022

Virtual via Zoom

This program is only for registered Metropolitan Council members.

Am I Hungry Training For Ceridian Coaches

From 05/01/2008 to 05/01/2008


2 2-hour teleclass training sessions to cover the material usually covered in the introductory session, along with essential coaching interventions for weight management clients.

Ring Power Tampa

From 04/01/2011 to 06/01/2011

Town Hall

Closed workshop available only to Ringpower employees.

Rebecca's Coaching Clients

From 04/01/2016 to 06/01/2019


This is for Rebecca's coaching clients.

Introductory Workshop Plus!

From 06/21/2008 to 06/21/2008

BV Yoga, Naples, Florida

3-hour onsite workshop starting with a 60 minute Power Vinyasa Yoga session and ending with a mindful eating exercise. We'll spend the time between getting familiar with the Am I Hungry? program and identifying some immediate points of focus for all who attend.

BCBSF Health Coaches

From 09/13/2011 to 09/14/2011

Lake Mary, Florida

Private training for health coaches

ISU Workshop Tuesdays July 27 - September 14 with Rebecca Johnson

From 07/27/2021 to 09/14/2021

ISU_July 2020_Tuesday_R Johnson

From 07/28/2020 to 09/15/2020


This is a closed program for ISU employees.

ISU_July 2020_THURSDAY_R Johnson

From 07/30/2020 to 09/17/2020


This is a closed program for ISU employees.

Am I Hungry? Full Workshop at BV Yoga in Naples, FL

From 09/13/2008 to 09/27/2008

BV Yoga, 6326 Trail Blvd N, Naples, FL Tel - (239) 598-1938

Tired of being stuck in cycles of overeating, restrictive eating … or both? Ready to be rid of the guilt and frustration about food and your body – AND maintain a healthy weight?! Free yourself. Forever! This unique transformational workshop will give you the tools to break free from damaging cycles of overeating and restrictive eating and will help you rediscover the joy of eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full (not stuffed!). No deprivation. No rules. No sneak eating. Just practical strategies you can live with – forever! Saturdays 1 – 4 pm, September 13, 20 and 27. Cost of $299 includes all materials. Sign up by Sept 1st!

Aquacal August 2018

From 08/02/2018 to 09/27/2018

Aquacal office

8-week Mindful Eating Program for Aquacal employees.

Iowa State University_September 2019

From 09/18/2019 to 11/06/2019

Webinar via Zoom

This webinar-based program is for ISU employees. It is closed to the public.

University of Tampa Employee 8 Week Workshop

From 09/30/2010 to 11/17/2010

UT Campus, Tampa, Florida

This onsite 8-week workshop is for UT faculty and staff only.

Iowa State University_Oct 2021

From 10/05/2021 to 11/23/2021

Virtual via Zoom

This is a closed workshop for ISU employees only.

ISU October 2020

From 10/13/2020 to 12/01/2020

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