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Alyx's Journal

Alyx struggles with her weight and is relearning to eat instinctively with Am I Hungry?

Mindful Thanksgiving
Posted on 12/09/2009 @ 3:24 AM

My poor Sister threw her back out on Thanksgiving moving the turkey from the counter into the roaster. Poor thing. Funny, though, I provided the turkey – fresh (not frozen), organic, hormone-free, and only 10.84 pounds. How could she possibly throw her back out moving a turkey the size of a big chicken?! Anyway, Thanksgiving was pretty good, except for the back thing. Well, and except for the fact that, because of the back thing, my Sister decided she wasn’t going to stand to make gravy, and she wasn’t going to stand to finish and style the cranberry sauce – so we had neither! Neither! And it was Thanksgiving! S.i.g.h… I survived without gravy, really missed the cranberry sauce, and felt terrible for my Sister. And… I had a few too many pieces of pumpkin pie. But, here’s the thing: I totally enjoyed every piece I had. Thanksgiving lasted about four days, especially since my Sister was nauseated after throwing her back out and didn’t actually eat anything on Thanksgiving. So, over the days following the turkey back incident, we tried to eat up all the Thanksgiving stuff. I had pumpkin pie every day for, mmm, maybe four days. Yummm. I did not, however, have any of the off-brand crackers, the “made with real brie” fake brie, the Cheez Whiz, the white bread dinner rolls, the off-brand butter cookies (with that awful taste) or anything else I knew I didn’t really like. In fact, I pretty much ate only stuff I knew I really loved. And I tried to eat only when I was hungry, and only then until I wasn’t hungry. Of course, part of that was knowing that I would be hungry again sooner than if I’d eaten until I was “full” – and that would mean I could eat more stuff I love sooner. (It’s a cycle, I know, but it’s healthier than eating until I’m stuffed, and then eating more just because it’s there.)

Michelle May M.D.

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