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Alyx's Journal

Alyx struggles with her weight and is relearning to eat instinctively with Am I Hungry?

Justifying eating just leads to overeating
Posted on 01/02/2010 @ 4:01 PM

My first goal for the Holiday Season was to not gain the average 5-7 pounds some Americans put on between Halloween and New Year’s. Goal accomplished! I did, however, put on about 2-1/2 pounds. Phooey. And I fell into a few of the age old diet traps. You know, that “I’ll ride the exercise bike really hard, and go an extra 7 minutes, and then I can have some of that luscious fudge rumble at the party,” and “if I skip lunch today, I can have a piece of pumpkin pie *with* whipped cream after dinner.” Oh, and my favorite, “if I only have a few of these butter cookies, it’ll be okay.” What kind of justification is that?! “It’ll be okay.”?! What was I thinking?! How could I have fallen (so easily) into all those traps? I don’t need to justify anything. I know that, and yet… I did, repeatedly, justify overeating. S..i..g..h…

Michelle May M.D.

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